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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Want carpet cleaning? It's never fun having to deal with dirty and stained carpets. So just let the professional get to work. We will clean you carpet and when you walk back into your place your jaw will literally drop when you see how perfect your carpets are.

With nineteen years on the job, we started in 2000, we have seen it all! We can clean any smells. We can clean most stains. They have no chance when we attack them with our methods. And there is no carpet that's to dirty.

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Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

Dealing with stains on your upholstery? It could be a coffee stain. Or even a couch that's been messed up by the family dog from a urine accident. It doesn't matter what happened. You can stop searching. You've found the best company for the job.

When our team is done with their cleaning you'll have upholstery that looks brand new. It's taken us a long time but over the last nineteen years in business we have perfected our cleaning process. It takes a long time to become the #1 recommended company in town. But with our processes we've managed to pull that off. You're in good hands with us. We always do what we say. When we say your upholstery will look perfect when we are done, it will! This is how we got the title as the go to company.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Looking after the carpets in your place of business needs to be considered with the utmost importance.

Clean carpet is just a small part of it. Yes, they need to look clean but there is more. You also need healthy carpet. Healthy carpet that is germ, bacteria and allergen free reduces the risk of staff and customers getting sick on your premises. Clean and healthy carpets equal happy staff and customers. It's best to partner with a professional firm that can help keep you carpets perfectly fresh. Like us!

For around nineteen years we have been cleaning the carpets in Boynton Beach. Odds are that we even clean the carpets for some of the businesses that you visit on a regular basis. We can help you no matter what industry your business is in. Maybe you run an accounting firm, a photography studio, a restaurant, an event space or any other type of business. You can count on our help.

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