Choosing The Best Carpet

When you are choosing a new carpet for your home or office, the sheer number of options can be rather overwhelming. There are different styles, fabrics, colors, etc. and it may be difficult to know which is best for your needs. We’ve provided a few quick tips to choosing the best carpet for your needs, from a carpet cleaner’s point of view.

Primary Carpet Styles

  • Loop Pile – in loop pile carpets, the carpet materials is looped through the back of the carpet and back out to the top. There is a continuous loop of materials throughout each row of carpet, and you can feel the loop if you run a pin underneath the carpet.

This carpet type is ideal for high traffic areas in residences and all kinds of businesses. This carpet performs well and can last longer than cut pile carpets.

  • Cut Pile – in cut pile carpet, these loops are cut and the end of fabric sticks up through the backing. If you ran a pin through this area, it wouldn’t catch on a loop; it’d lift right up.

This carpet style is designed for residential purposes and it can be used throughout your house. It is more comfortable underfoot and is more attractive than loop pile carpets.

  • Cut & Loop – a third type of carpet is a combination of both cut pile and loop pile. This carpet type combines the best qualities of both styles and is great for its durability and its ability to hide stains.


The Best Carpet Fabrics

As professional carpet cleaners, Spotless Carpet Cleaning Boynton Beach recommends three main fabrics for carpets:

  • Olefin – this naturally stain-resistant carpet holds up well to food stains and can be spot cleaned with some ease. As it isn’t as durable as polyester or nylon, we recommend you choose this type of fabric for loop pile carpets and lower foot traffic areas.
  • Polyester – also stain-resistant and is a great option for residences and business that expect frequent spills. We often recommend this type of carpet for homes and businesses that experience a moderate amount of foot traffic. Polyester is often available in a wide variety of styles and colors, and is known for feeling better than carpets with other fabrics.
  • Nylon – this type of carpet is by far the most durable and stain resistant carpet on the market – as long as it is treated with a stain-resistant solution. This type of carpet is excellent for homes with pets or children and holds up extremely well in high traffic areas.


Other Factors to Consider

Although fabric and pile type are big considerations when selecting the best carpet for your home or office, there are other factors worth considering as well. These include:

  • Density – this pertains to how tightly-knit the pile is on your carpet. The denser your carpet is, the better. Very dense carpet lasts much longer than its counterpart and looks good for longer. You can easily test the density of the carpet, by examining it with your fingers and seeing if you can easily reach the backing. The easier it is to reach the backing, the less dense the carpet is.
  • Twist – this term pertains to how tightly your carpet fibers have been twisted. Simply put, the tighter the twist the better. Tightly-twisted carpet is essential for cut pile carpets but is a key component loop pile quality as well. Tightly-twisted carpets last longer and wear better.

Obviously, the best carpet will be heavily dependent on what works best in your home or place of business. However, choosing the right carpet style and carpet material can save you a lot of money and hassle. If you have more questions about choosing the right carpet for your needs, contact us as we’re happy to share our experiences with you.

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