Can Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Substitute Traditional Vacuums?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are all the rage these days. Many people use these small machines to replace their regular household vacuum cleaners and even go so far as to use them instead of professional cleaning. While Robotic vacuums may be able to help clean up the house as a substitute for normal vacuums (even though that is debatable), they can never replace the deep, thorough cleaning that a professional cleaner can offer. You may wish to have one on hand for light cleaning duties, but you still need to call in experts like Spotless Carpet Cleaning Boynton Beach to perform routine deep cleaning.

As far as replacing your normal vacuum, although robotic vacuums might appear easy to use, they are not necessarily user-friendly. Most of them are small in size and it takes them a long time to vacuum a single room, much less an entire house. In addition, the batteries that come with robotic vacuum cleaners cannot hold enough of a charge to clean an entire house either. In the process of continuously returning your robotic vacuum cleaner to its dock, waiting for it to charge, and then having it pick up where it left off, means that these little robots simply cannot keep up with the dirt and dust that is deposited throughout your house.

Robotic vacuum cleaners also cannot make enough passes (on a single battery charge) to adequately remove the dirt, dust, and other particles that accumulate on your carpet. Moreover, robotic vacuums consistently have difficulty thoroughly cleaning larger open areas and they are unable to pick up larger clumps of debris. This is grossly insufficient if you want to keep your carpet fresh and extend its lifespan.

One common way of ensuring your robotic vacuum focuses on a specific room is to teach it the area’s boundaries using invisible laser walls and other mechanisms. Although this does help the vacuum focus on one room at a time, it then requires you to set up a different program for each room/area of your property or requires you to purchase multiple robotic vacuum cleaners. Both of these options are not always viable since one takes a great deal of time and effort and the other can become quite costly.

Another hit robotic vacuums take is that their performance is still not up to par. Many of them fail to pick up dust balls, pet hair, and larger particles that would easily be sucked up by a traditional vacuum cleaner. What makes bad matters worse is that these small machines are easily clogged and need to be emptied much more often than a traditional vacuum.

The efficacy of robotic vacuum cleaners is highly debatable. If these machines have a difficult time replacing a standard vacuum cleaner, there’s no way they are prepared to do the job of a professional carpet cleaner.

If you truly care about the longevity and cleanliness of your carpet, we suggest you read lots of reviews from others of their experiences before investing in a robotic cleaner. And no matter what, continue to have your carpets regularly cleaned by experts.

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